Cost Technician

A CCT is an individual who has demonstrated proficiency in the basic skills and knowledge of total cost management. Generally, those seeking CCT certification represent early-career, young professionals who have not yet achieved the requisite years of experience needed to become certified as a Certified Cost Professional (CCP), or experienced mid- to late-career professionals who are working to advance their cost engineering skills.

This course focus on the practical application of the Skills and Knowledge required for the Certified Cost Technician exam of AACE International. In addition to the training leading to an International Certification, that assist with obtaining the best career/job opportunities in the Project Control Services environment. The course will also enables you to continue your career in Project Control Services or broaden your knowledge when you are in related professions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 3 years of related work experience
  • Attendance of the TCMPC course or passing the TCMPC exam with a 70% pass rate

Recommended Study Materials

  • AACE’s Certified Cost Technical Primer, 1st Edition
  • AACE’s Recommended Practice 11R-88 & Recommended Practice 10S-90
  • AACE’s Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Edition


4 days with a test on the final day. 70% required to pass.


R19 200 including VAT

Course Date

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