Cost Professional

A Certified Cost Professional (CCP) is an experienced practitioner with advanced knowledge and technical expertise that applies the broad principles and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, execution and management of any organizational project or program. CCPs also demonstrate the ability to research and communicate aspects of TCM principles and practices to all levels of project or program stakeholders, both internally and externally.

This course focuses on the practical application of the skills and knowledge required for AACE International’s (AACEi) CCP exam. As part of the certification process, it is a requirement that a technical paper be presented to the AACEi Certification Board, the requirements of which are also examined in this course. Successful international certification assists with obtaining the best career opportunities in the project control services environment. The course also broadens students’ knowledge when in related professions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 8 years of industry-related experience, or 4 years of industry-related experience + a 4-year industry-related college degree
  • Attendance of the SKCT course, or passing the SKCT exam with a 70% pass rate, or holding an active CCT certification

Recommended Study Materials

  • AACE’s CCP Technical Paper Handbook
  • AACE’s CCP Certification Study Guide
  • AACE’s Recommended Practices 11R-88 and 10S-90
  • AACE’s Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Edition
  • AACE’s Total Cost Management Framework


4 days with a test on the final day. 70% required to pass.


R22 600 including VAT

Course Date

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