Project Control Fundamentals

Project controls is a system of information gathering and analytical processes employed by management to assess overall project progress, budget management and control operations, while enabling early problem detection, effective planning, improved decision-making and maintaining a flexible and solution-oriented outlook needed for flourishing day-to-day operations.

This course trains individuals in the fundamentals of project control, such as estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling, and risk management. Successful completion of this course can lead to an extended career in Total Cost Management with international certification.

Key benefits of a trained project control specialist:

  • Enables management to detect problems early and correct them before they impact the project or organisation negatively.
  • Improves decision-making, with attendant benefits for the bottom line.
  • Facilitates determining of ideal times for maintenance, repairs or updates with minimal project production disruption.
  • Enables streamlined audits, with less manpower dedicated to following paper trails or correcting problems, by keeping track of information and timelines.

Eligibility Requirements


Recommended Study Materials

AACE’s Recommended Practice 10S-90


2 days with a test on the final day. 70% required to pass.


R6 900 including VAT

Course Date

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